PCI Calendar and Events 2021

Date Event
Jan 1st New Year's Day
Jan 18th &19th Executive Committee
Jan 26th Republic Day
Feb 10th –12th Manipur Synod Session
Mar 9th –12th Synod Session for KJP Synod Sepngi, CHT & Biateram Synod
Mar 16th –19th Synod Session for KJP Synod Mihngi & Ribhoi Synod
Apr 5th M & E Committee
Aprl 6th TEC & Trust Committee
Apr 6th-9th KAPC Synod Session
Apr 9th Palm Sunday
Aprl 14th Good Friday
Aprl 16th Easter Sunday
May 5th-7th PYF Biennial Conference
May 16th CCC & P&J Committee
June 4th Pentecost Sunday & Assembly Day of Prayer/Environment Sunday
June 22nd Anniversary of the arrival of Thomas Jones, the 1st Missionary to the PCI
Aug 3rd PWF Day of Prayer
Aug 3rd & 4th Executive Committee
Aug 15th Independence Day
Sept 13th TEC & Trust Committee
Oct 2nd Gandhi's Birthday
Nov 1st CCC&Peace&Justice Committee
Nov 16th Trust Committee
Nov 23rd-26th MPS (P) Synod Session
Dec 1st-3rd ZOU PC Synod Session
Dec 3rd Bible Sunday
Dec 5th–10th Mizoram Synod Session
Dec 14th–17th General Assembly Gospel Campaign
Dec 25th Christmas Day
Dec 31st New Year's Eve